Like any other medical field, cosmetic dentistry has made several improvements and dental implants one of them. When any of your teeth fall out, the bone around it will shrink away. Screw-shaped implants joining your jawbone are the best solution to restore your smile.


Dental implants: Are you the right candidate for it?

Availability of bones in your jaw

As you prefer a non-surgical option to solve your dental problems, bone availability is the most important factor. You know that dental implants work by joining your jawbones. However, your gum must have a healthy bone structure to get benefits from these implants. 

Due to the loss of teeth, you can find a problem, like bone resorption. Bone tissues, sustaining the teeth root, don’t get stimulated. In due course, the gum starts receding, and it is not easy to attach your dentures. That is why you may have thought of using implants. However, although dental implants also need a lot of bones, your dentist applies a bone graft to solve the issue.


Is age a relevant factor for dental implants?

You may have these implants at any age. But, the certified dentist in Jordan Dr.Khaled Alsayed thinks that tees are the best candidates for this dental care. Teens have gone through the maturing process with facial development. Still, you may consult with your dentist to know how these implants work for your problem. Mostly, implants are applicable when you have replaced teeth for injury, decay, and infection.


Implants give you the lasting solution

Made of titanium, these dental implants can retain their original shape for years. Moreover, the crown, winding into the implant, has premium quality metal/ceramic. The best fact is these materials will have no degradation due to acid, bacteria, and sugar. These cavity-resistant implants keep you away from dental issues.

But, you must clean these implants regularly like that of your original teeth. While you have not cleaned them properly, you will have problems, like gum disease and bone loss. 

Lastly, we can conclude that implants are the most comfortable solutions to your dental issues. You will never feel awkward with implants inside your mouth. You will have no eating and speaking problems while having these implants fitted over your teeth. The right implants will appear like natural teeth. The best dental clinic in Jordan has helped lots of patients with these implants.

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